Nuclear Decommissioning Business Forum 2020
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Nuclear Decommissioning Business Forum 2020


The Korea Atomic Industrial Forum (KAIF) hosted the fifth Nuclear Decommissioning Business Forum 2020 under the theme of “Building Infrastructure to Create Initial Markets for Nuclear D&D Industry” at Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power Company (KHNP) Corporate Office Auditorium on December 4, 2020. The forum ended up successfully with more than 457 online and offline participants from Korean nuclear industry.





The forum started with an opening address by Mr. Jae-hoon Chung, Chairman of KAIF. He said, “KHNP is currently working to find a win-win model and develop technologies to create an ecosystem for the D&D industry.” and he also said, “Companies participating in the Kori Unit 1 decommissioning project are cooperating with each other organically so that they can enter the global market with KHNP by developing their D&D capabilities.”






At the congratulatory remarks by Byung-sik Lee, co-chairman of the Public-Private Council for Nuclear Decommissioning Industry since 2018, he said, “It is very meaningful that The industry-academia-research cooperation shares opinions, experience and knowledge since the nuclear D&D industry began in Korea.” and he also said, “Since there is still a lot of uncertainty and risks in nuclear power plants decommissioning, it is necessary to prepare for the future D&D market by expanding the capacity of the domestic decommissioning industry in laws, institutions, regulatory system maintenance, and technology development.”




At the forum, an award ceremony of nuclear D&D idea contest was held. This year, a total of 59 (31 from industry sector and 28 from university student sector) excellent ideas were received. Kones corporation, which presented an idea of ​​‘Development of integrated platform and analysis tool for detailed cost evaluation of nuclear power plant decommissioning’ was won the first prize in industry sector, and Unist, which presented an idea of ‘Development of AI cameras and sensors for checking worker safety equipment wearing’


After the award ceremony, there was an agreement ceremony for decommissioning cooperation between KHNP and Orano. Through this agreement, domestic workers can participate in the local decommissioning project in France, and it is expected that Korea will be able to secure the decommissioning capability and experience.




At the first session, Korean experts from the Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI), KHNP, KAIF, and Kones corporation made presentations respectively on “Current Status and Future Plans of Decommissioning Core Technology Developed by KAERI”, “The Status of KHNP’s Preparation for Nuclear Decommissioning Industry”, “Progress Status of Establishing Korea Research Institute of Decommissioning” and “Nuclear Decommissioning Industry Service Operation Plan and Safety Culture and Organizational Issues during Transition from Operation to Decommissioning of Nuclear Power Plants”.


At the second session of the forum, five presentations were made by nuclear decommissioning experts from major countries such as the France, Russia, Canada, United States, and Germany. This year, due to the influence of COVID-19, all presentations were showed through video. They dealt with overview of overseas nuclear decommissioning market, advanced nuclear decommissioning technologies developed by Orano, Tenex, Kinectrics, Westinghouse, and Siempelkamp.





During the Q&A session and panel discussion at the end of the forum, all Korean panelists discussed about the topic of “Facing Challenges of Building Infrastructure to Create Initial Markets for Nuclear D&D Industry in korea.” 



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