Special Symposium during 53rd Annual Meeting of Japan Health Physics Society
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53rd Annual Meeting of Japan Health Physics Society 


Special Symposium : How do we find the solution to radiological protection of tritium water? 


Webinar on June 29, 2020


Speaker #1 / Dr. Ichiro Yamaguchi
Chief Senior Researcher, Department of Environmental Health, National Institute of Public Health, Japan

-Tritium Issues : Questions to experts 

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Speaker #2 / Dr. Shu-jun Chang

Division of Health Physics, Institute of Nuclear Energy Research, Taiwan

- How much do we know about the ALPS treated water? 

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Speaker #3 / Dr. Ik-jae Chung

Professor, Department of Public Administration, Seoul National University of Science and Technology, Republic of Korea

- Social Aspects of Tritium Water Release : Message of 3 traps from a neighbor country

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Speaker #4 / Mr. Riken Komatsu

Writer and Journalist

- My Personal View on Releasing Tritium Water from Fukushima Daiichi Plant into Ocean

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Speaker #5 / Ms. Ryoko Ando

Director, Ethos in Fukushima

- Are you really thinking about consensus building?

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​Panel Discussion

Facilitator : Dr. Hiroko Yoshida

Professor, Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Tohoku University

Rapporteur : Isao Kawaguchi

Quantum Medical Science Directorate, National Institutes for Quantum and Radiological Science and Technology

[Rapporteur Summary]



Fukushima Today 2019 - Efforts to Decommissioning and Reconstruction

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